Steven L. Jones, Jr., an associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama, has asked me to share this opportunity with individuals that might be interested in participating in a research study to promote sustainable transportation in the Birmingham-area.
According to Steven, the results of this study can help identify transportation needs of people in and around Birmingham and help transportation providers and decision makers better understand how to meet these needs.

Participating in this study involves completing a brief web survey that will take only a few minutes. All answers are confidential and no IP addresses are recorded. Only summarized data will bereported or presented by the researchers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Steven Jones at (205) 348-3137 or via email at<>

If you are interested in contributing to improved transportation in Birmingham, please take the survey at the link below. And please feel free to pass this request on to your friends and contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The more responses we get, the better we understand your needs.