Sunday, October 24, 2004

Big Plans, Big Costs on Campus: a special report

Big Plans, Big Costs on Campus
A series on Alabama's system of higher education, analysis aided by PARCA

Sunday, October 24
Part 1:

Alabama's public universities are recruiting students from out of state and raising tuition in a quest for cash and quality.

Colleges' course: Unchecked growth
If you build it, will they come?
Troy sheds state boundaries, pursues global mission

Monday, October 25
Part 2:

Alabama devotes a large share of its state budget to higher education but divides it among a multitude of universities, many with costly and duplicative programs.
State schools duplicate services, stretch funds

Tuesday, October 26
Part 3:

State leaders push for smarter use of state education dollars.

State colleges being made to justify budgets
Retooled community colleges offer flexibility, lower cost

Alabama public universities chasing out-of-state students

An education piece informed by the work of PARCA Special Report: The upgrades and expansions on the campus in Tuscaloosa are part of a building boom at campuses across Alabama. Within five years, the state's 16 public universities plan to spend $2 billion building and renovating, updating and expanding, much of it aimed at pulling in more students - and more tuition - to make up for slow growth in state tax support.

While Alabama's college-age population is projected to be essentially the same a decade from now, state universities are hoping to add at least 15,000 students over current enrollment. That means most of the growth will come from out of state, particularly from booming Southern neighbors
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