Monday, January 20, 2014

Renata Adler on the March to Montgomery : The New Yorker

Nice piece for MLK Day.

Renata Adler on the March to Montgomery : The New Yorker: Adler resists the impulse to write about the march as myth. Instead, she shows how things are a little disorganized.

Having covered many reenactments of the bridge crossing, I'm glad the "disorganized" character of the original march was consistent with the original.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

TrekBirmingham and Shades Creek

Our friends at TrekBirmingham have released another update to their burgeoning collection of outdoor destination explications.

The latest addition is a behind the scenes tour of the Shades Creek Greenway, the walking and biking train the runs along the creek banks and Lakeshore Parkway in Homewood.

As always, the TrekBirmingham exploration goes below the surface we see as we amble along, delving deeper to explain the geology, ecology, and history of your everyday surroundings. Such as:

Where was the lake that gave Lakeshore Parkway its name?
How to wade the creek and find hog suckers, stonerollers, and shiners.

And for more options and other destinations check out the TrekBirmingham homepage.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

TEDxBirmingham 2014 — Rediscover the Magic


The Watery Wilderness Down South

America's Amazon: an APT documentary on the Mobile Tensaw Delta
I highly recommend a beautiful new documentary I caught this week on Alabama Public Television that explores the great watery wilderness of Mobile Tensaw Delta. It was written and narrated by Ben Raines, the former Mobile Press-Register reporter, now the executive director of the Weeks Bay Foundation.
The documentary, which features Alabama native and well-known scientist E.O. Wilson,  celebrates Alabama's biodiversity and helps us up her in Birmingham both what we have been blessed with and what we are in danger of losing if we don't take care. 
There is a movement afoot to preserve the Delta as a U.S. National Park.
You can stream the video from the APT site or I do believe it will be broadcast again on Sunday afternoon if you want to watch it then or record it.

Black Belt BBQ Revue

I caught a great piece on the barbecue clubs of Sumter County recently on Alabama Public Television. I wrote about the same subject back in 2008 and the documentary brought back fond memories.

The video, which is available to stream, is part of the Journey Proud series of documentaries about Alabama heritage and culture hosted by Hosted by Joey Brackner, Director of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

A precious few Whooping Cranes and thousands of Sandhill Cranes and other waterfowl on view at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Decatur, Ala. If you want to go this weekend is the Crane Festival, so plenty to see and do.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Moss Rock Boulder Canyon Loop

The water is running a Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. Check out the Boulder Canyon Loop.

Tuxedo Junctions and other famous places -

Read this Wayne Flynt piece on the contributions of Alabamians to the jazz and the blues music Tuxedo Junctions and other famous places - ...