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Second Edition of Five-Star Trails: Birmingham Now in Stores and Online

  An updated version of my hiking guide to Birmingham and central Alabama is now on the shelves of local bookstores, outfitters, and at Alabama Goods . Also online.  It was a good year to re-hike old favorites and discover new ones. Birmingham keeps making progress as a trail town. Since my first edition, the Rotary Trail section of the Jones Valley Trail was completed, an extension added, and plans are underway to push farther east. Vulcan Park was connected to Vulcan Trail and the Vulcan Trail extended to Green Springs , thanks to the Kiwanis Club. Fultondale and Gardendale, working with the Freshwater Land Trust , now have a great rail-trail connecting the cities .   Red Mountain Park has added miles of trail and connected to Midfield and western neighborhoods of Birmingham via the High Ore Line elevated rail-trail    And the Pinhoti Trail at Flagg Mountain near Sylacauga is now preserved routed through the restored CCC-built fire tower (tower still a work in progress) and cabins

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