Profile of Alabama native Jason Isbell, Unloaded -

Great profile on Alabama's own Jason Isbell, who has a great new album out, Southeastern.

New York Times piece covers his growing up, his time with the Drive by Truckers and his recent success at getting sober.

Link: Jason Isbell, Unloaded -

Except: "His resurrection began when his single, “Alabama Pines,” won Song of the Year at the 2012 Americana Awards, which honor the kind of rebellious and pared-down roots music that used to be called alternative country. “Alabama Pines” is pure Isbell: elegiac and self-lacerating. “I can’t get to sleep at night, the parking lot’s so loud and bright,” the song’s narrator intones from a motel room. “The a/c hasn’t worked in 20 years/Probably never made a single person cold/but I can’t say the same for me, I’ve done it many times.”"

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