From the Anniston Star via the San Francisco Chronicle: Anniston aims to be Alabama's biking haven - SFGate

Nice Piece by Tim Lockette of Anniston Star on Anniston' goal of being a Model City for bicyclists.

The piece ran in The Star, went out over the AP Wire and was picked up in San Fran --

Anniston aims to be Alabama's biking haven - SFGate: ANNISTON, Ala. (AP) — Tom Sauret thinks Anniston has what it takes.

An avid cyclist and director of the Southeastern Off-Road Bicycle Association, Sauret is a big fan of Coldwater Mountain, the nature preserve where bikers can speed along more than a dozen miles of trail dedicated to cycles.

"In two years, I think, they'll be able to host a major race," Sauret said. "That site can accommodate a multi-faceted mountain biking event."

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Anniston is the trailhead for The Chief Ladiga Trail, a paved rail trail that runs about 100 miles through rural Alabama and Georgia to ending in suburban Atlanta.
It is also home to the Coldwater Mountain  Forever Wild Mountain Biking Trail System which is an amazing and expanding network of trails just outside the city.
Also, more cool plans to extend the Chief Ladiga trail into Anniston proper.