Obscure but meaningful moments

On this day in 1966, Tuskegee Institute student Samuel Younge Jr. (1944-1966) was shot and killed in Macon County after he tried to use the whites-only bathroom at a Standard Oil gas station.
Younge, who was working in a voter registration drive at the time, was the first black college student to be killed as a result of his involvement in the American civil rights movement, according to the Encyclopedia of Alabama.
The killing of Younge, who'd enlisted in the Navy and served during the Cuban Missile Crisis, prompted the SNCC in a Jan. 6 press conference to declare its opposition to the war in Vietnam, the first statement of its kind by a civil rights organization.
SNCC pointed to Younge's death as an example of the hypocrisy of fighting for freedom abroad while rights were denied in the United States.
Marvin Segrest, the white man who shot Younge, was not indicted for Younge's murder until November of 1966 and was found innocent by an all-white jury the following month.