Bhamarchitect's Blog | exploring built/unbuilt Birmingham

 For several years now, Jeremy Erdreich, an architect and real estate developer, has been active in redeveloping downtown Birmingham. He's also maintained a blog -  Bhamarchitect's Blog | exploring built/unbuilt Birmingham - which tracked and commented on projects in the city.
Unfortunately for us, Jeremy is moving to New York City. While he'll maintain his connection to Birmingham, we'll be losing the running critique on the choices we're making, both large and small, as our urban evolution continues.
I envy an architect's ability to read a built landscape, to notice choices and changes.
I've appreciated Jeremy's ability to describe what I see but don't have the vocabulary to describe.
It's pretty bold for an architect and developer to blog. I have no idea if it ever affected his practice, but criticism can have its costs.
However, I think Jeremy has always gone out of his way to be fair and civil in his observations and opinions.
If you haven't had the pleasure, go back and take look his work. I hope somehow the blog can be maintained. Maybe a stable of contributors can be developed. We need informed discussion on these subjects.