Ruffner Mountain Wine and Cheese Sunset Hike


 I have been going to Ruffner Mountain Nature Center and Preserve since I was in elementary school. And since I've been back in Birmingham as an adult, I've always wanted to go on one of Ruffner's Wine and Cheese sunset hikes. I'm finally getting to go this Friday, Sept. 18, 6 p.m.
Those of you who've been to Ruffner know it offers one of the best views of Jones Valley and the city. That view would be especially beautiful at sunset, but you'd normally be back at your car by then because you don't want to be in the woods in the dark with the gates closed.
But once a month in the fall, Ruffner takes a group out, provides wine and cheese, holds a little socializing, and guides them back by lantern. If you can make it this Friday, register with Ruffner.  They need a head count, and they do ask for a $20 donation to support the park and cover the costs.
I'll actually be leading the hike, and speaking briefly, and selling books to anyone who needs one.
Hope you can join us.