Alabama landfill rules make dumping easy process |

Joe Songer Photo at the Arrowhead Landfill in Perry County 
Alabama landfill rules make dumping easy process | To some, Alabama appeared poised to become a dumping ground for the nation's trash. Local governments were hungry for the money being offered by landfill developers; landfill operators in Alabama offer low rates to their customers compared to more densely populated and highly regulated states to the north; and the state offers a relatively simple process for getting a permit to operate a landfill.
In the face of the mounting controversy, Gov. Robert Bentley issued a moratorium on new landfills shortly after he took office, and the Legislature later enacted another temporary moratorium. With the moratorium set to expire in May 2014, a team of experts from Auburn University, under contract with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, is conducting a series of public forums around the state to talk with residents about the state's system for issuing landfill permits and solicit suggestions for improving it.
The final meeting in the series will be held in Birmingham on Nov. 13.
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