Big Plans, Big Costs on Campus: a special report

Big Plans, Big Costs on Campus
A series on Alabama's system of higher education, analysis aided by PARCA

Sunday, October 24
Part 1:

Alabama's public universities are recruiting students from out of state and raising tuition in a quest for cash and quality.

Colleges' course: Unchecked growth
If you build it, will they come?
Troy sheds state boundaries, pursues global mission

Monday, October 25
Part 2:

Alabama devotes a large share of its state budget to higher education but divides it among a multitude of universities, many with costly and duplicative programs.
State schools duplicate services, stretch funds

Tuesday, October 26
Part 3:

State leaders push for smarter use of state education dollars.

State colleges being made to justify budgets
Retooled community colleges offer flexibility, lower cost