Alabama Taxes

I was the lead writer in a series on Alabama's tax system.
It was a project that I worked very closely with Jim Williams on. The lines with links are pieces I authored.

Special Report - Alabama's Taxes
 Tax burden falls heaviest on poor
Is the tax system adequate?
The Legislature:
Business tax plan liked by schools
Putting faces on fairness:
Low-income mother bears big tax burden as she balances bills
Mid-income family says government wasteful, inefficient
High-income family says tax structure hurts public schools

Tax shortage effects many:
PRISONS: As budgets get tighter, security gets looser
TEXTBOOKS: Schools trying to balance books, budget
WATER: Understaffed ADEM fights upstream battle
DHR: Too few caseworkers to handle adult abuse, neglect
STATE TROOPERS: Shortage leaves highways unpatrolled

A visual look at taxes:
Comparison of state and local tax burdens on three families
Gap in tax resources
Tax burden comparison
State, local tax source
Percent of taxes earmarked
State and local taxes per capita