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Adventure quest led man on own path

Birmingham News staff writer
Publication Date: July 13, 2008  Page: 14-A  Section: LOCAL NEWS  Zone: BX Edition: Volume 121 Issue 122 


There are cliched stories about how people are changed when diagnosed with a fatal disease.
They reorder priorities, have greater empathy and deeper relationships with others, do things they'd always put off doing, embark on great adventures, conquer fear and live their fleeting days to the fullest.
But KevinPorter doesn't quite fit the cliche. He did all those things before he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2002, and he continued to behave accordingly as he battled cancer until his death in April at age 44.
Porter was born curious. As a 2-year-old, he managed to disassemble an alarm clock, curious to see what made it tick.
He was born fearless. The child of a single mother, Kevin, the younger of two brothers, stepped into the role of protector. When the family heard a noise outside their Vestavia Hills home at…