Questions persist as Northern Beltline construction proceeds |

Questions persist as Northern Beltline construction proceeds | Within the next two weeks, the Alabama Department of Transportation plans to begin relocating utilities along a 3-mile stretch of forest and pasture between Alabama 75 and Alabama 79 near Palmerdale, preparations for the first construction on a long planned 52-mile beltway north of Birmingham.

Except for a gargantuan outer beltway proposal around Houston, Birmingham's Northern Beltline is the longest interstate extension project in the country on U.S. Department of Transportation's list of major projects. The road is estimated to cost a total of $4.7 billion and to be finished in about 2048.
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Ardell Turner, 88, Palmerdale.
The Northern Beltline will be cutting her property in half
(Birmingham News Photo Linda Stelter)

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